I've always said that watching a game with friends at a bar or restaurant is the second to best way to watch a football game. The first of course would be watching it at the stadium.

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What makes it awesome? The roar of the crowd when the home team scores, the energy of all the fans, tons of televisions, trash talking the table of Packers fans next to you and the smell of hot sauce and hamburgers.

Rockford has plenty of amazing places to watch a football game and according to Yelp, these are the best of the best in no particular order.

1. Buffalo Wild Wings

Just love the wings and the fun atmosphere! Never had bad service here! The big screens allow you to watch anything no matter where you are sitting. ~Marie M.

2. Oscar's Pub and Grill

What I really like is coming here for Football. It's great! They have a lot of TVs and the games will be on different ones. Then you can get one of their wireless speakers for your table so that if your team isn't the one they have the sound turned on to, you can still hear it. BONUS!  ~James R.

3. Whiskey's Roadhouse

 I came here once for football and wings... and they come in a couple of flavors, which were all very tasty. There's also some really good drink specials.  Lots of big TVs.  ~Jeanna V.

4. District Bar & Grill

 As it was a Sunday night, they had both NFL games on, with sound being piped throughout the entire bar/restaurant.  Very nice if you enjoy football and were interested in the games (which I was). In addition to a good number of TV's and good audio, I was also very impressed/surprised by their food. ~Jason K.

5. Mary's Place

The first night I went there was to watch a Monday Night football game. They have a newer 60in flat screen and theater sound system was amazing. The bartender was kind enough to everyone to turn down the volume during the commercials so that one could hold a conversation. The beer was cold and the price was right. ~Erin T.

6. Jax Pub

I love this bar, great during football, hockey and basketball season. They have every game on  always, the food is pretty good, and the drinks are cheap as well. An enjoyable experience makes watching my beloved Chicago Bears lose more bear-able. ~Pedro A.


7. Second Cousin's

There's big screen TVs all around, the atmosphere seems friendly and the waitresses and bartenders provide great service. ~Rebecca E.


8. Tilted Kilt

Quick service with a smile.  Beer could have been colder..great views including large number of televisions for sports. ~Karl B.


What's your favorite place in Rockford to watch the game?

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