At this nudist club in Illinois, it is encouraged to be naked.

Are You A Naked Person Or Not

There are two types of people in this world. Those who are comfortable being naked and those that are not. I am a not guy. Being nude, especially around other people is not my thing. I had friends in college, they had no problem with it. Right there in the middle of a party, they would take off their clothes.


Strange Run-Ins with Nude People

When I was in middle school, my family took a vacation to Europe. I remember there were topless women at the pool. That was kind of awkward for a teenage boy. My old roommate was an insurance adjuster. He told a story about how he had to do a claim at a nudist colony. I would say that would be strange.

A naked man is sitting cross legged on an empty beach and meditating.

Where No Clothing Is Okay

Of course, being naked in public is not only frowned upon but also illegal. There is a place in Illinois where it is okay to be nude in front of strangers.

According to,

"You don’t have to travel too far to find some like-minded souls and a pleasant spot where you all can live free and get naked."


The place where nudity is acceptable in Illinois is called Chicago Fun Club.


The Chicago Fun Club

According to,

"The one truly Chicago-based nudist group, Chicago Fun Club, coordinates social gatherings and events for those enthusiastic about being nude in public."


"Past events have included nude yoga, bowling, cruises, and more fun get-togethers with a relaxed dress code "

For more information about the Chicago Fun Club, HERE.

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