You can get arrested in Rockford if you don't have a dollar on you.

Have you ever searched the internet for strange laws? They are all over the place. Sometimes they are for just individual cities, but they can also be for a whole state. It can be very outlandish. Many times they are so ridiculous, the police don't even bother to enforce them.

There was a story on msn.com"The weirdest laws in every state."

Of course, curiosity got the best of me and I had to check out the weirdest law in Illinois.

"In Illinois, you are at risk of being arrested if you don't have at least a dollar on you. What's the charge? Vagrancy. So every time you step out of your house in Rockford without some cash on you, that's gambling with the law."

That means I pretty much break the law every day. I barely ever have cash on me, because I usually use my debit card. Good thing they don't enforce that law.

Could you just imagine driving down East State Street and there is a police roadblock set-up? Not for DUI's, but to check if you have any money. Our city and state wouldn't have financial problems anymore after collecting those fines.

Here are some unusual laws from our neighboring states.

Indiana... "Liquor stores cannot sell cold soft drinks. If the beverage is not cooled it can be sold legally." I wonder if they will sell ice and soda to the same person.

Iowa... "It's against the law to kiss a woman publicly if you have a mustache." Looks like Bert Reynolds won't be moving there anytime soon.

Wisconsin... "In the town of Brookfield, tattooing is illegal except for medical reasons." I think this butterfly tattoo can fix your broken arm.

In my hometown of Villa Park, dance floors aren't allowed in bars. No, I didn't grow up in the town the movie, "Footloose" is about.

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