Drinking beer before wine is a myth when it comes to hangovers.

I always thought mixing types of alcohol was a bad idea. If I was going to drink beer, I stuck with that. I didn't like jumping around. For example, drinking wine then switching to beer didn't work well for me.

I always tried to stick to the drinking rules like, "Beer before wine, you'll be fine." That seemed to help. The hangover wasn't as bad.

Now, I'm finding out that was all a myth.

According to nypost.com,

"A new study released showed that the order in which one drinks beer or wine does not impact the severity of a hangover."

The researchers tested three groups of people.

Group one drank beer and then wine.

Group two had wine followed by beer.

Group three drank either beer or wine.

The next week, groups one and two switched beverages.

All participants had an equal quantity of alcohol.

The result...

"The order of the drinks did not make a significant difference in the hangover."

The severity of the hangover is more about how much you drink.

There is still one drinking rule to live by, "Dinner is always a good idea."


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