The long holiday weekend is upon us, are you really ready?

The Tom Collins


Some get that extra day off, congrats. Which means that an extra day of partying might be in the cards for some.

Whether it's a BBQ, out on the town, or just playing cards with friends please party smart. We all have to go back to work at some point and you do not want to feel like crap.

Everyone has there "homemade" hangover remedies, which might work as a "band-aid" on the situation. But if you are going to throw a few back here are some steps to help you survive the return to work.

  • Water - Hydration, this is a no brainer.
  • Sports Drinks - Electrolytes and sugar, a good combo
  • Coffee - Caffeine is a "quick" fix
  • More Alcohol - Hair of the Dog anyone?
  • Toast or Crackers - Fill up on carbs
  • Greasy Foods - I never got this one, always made me feel worse
  • Pain Meds - A Tylenol or two to numb ya
  • Vitamins - This should be done ahead of time
  • Exercise - Bust a good sweat and rid the toxins
  • Sex - See Above



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