If you are planning on enjoying a few this weekend, Tina Fox wants you to be prepared for the morning after.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

Working in the bar industry since she was 18 years old, Tina has heard it all when it comes to a hangover.

Everyone has their own cures for a hangover, I've heard everything from carb loading (breads, pastas) the night before, to chocolate, fruit, etc.

We were talking in the studio about having a few drinks and what her go to is for the following day. Personally if I know it may get a little crazy, I will drink several bottles of ice cold water before I go to bed, that's really it.

So according to Tina Fox here are 8 Hangover Remedies From Tina Fox:

  • After you Uber home, right off the bat Advil before bed and tons of water.
  • Pizza Puffs from Uncle Nicks, Tamales from Los Portales, and call ahead for Sam's Pizza
  • In the AM, coffee and more Advil
  • Sit for a bit
  • Try a Tom Collins form Irish Rose
  • Family Video is a key factor (rent a movie you know and love, because it will make you feel less anxious)  and now they have a pizza place in them. Movies and then the couch.
  • Happy Wok delivers
  • Take a nap

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