Cast members versus audience drinking games are featured in this interactive sketch show at Illinois theater.

My Experience Going To Plays

I have to be honest, I have not attended many adult-themed plays in my life. I went to some children's shows when I was a kid and took my daughter to some during her younger ages.

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I remember going to a play many years ago with some friends. We went out to dinner before and had a few drinks. The production was slow and boring and we all fell asleep. That was a pretty expensive nap. I have not seen another one since then.

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Time To Give Theater Another Chance

It is not that I hate the theater. I was just waiting for the right opportunity. This play sounds like the right way to give it another shot. It is called "Bye Bye Liver" at the Newport Theater in Chicago.

What Is "Bye Bye Liver"

According to,

"Bye Bye Liver is a fun, fast-paced sketch show set primarily in the fictional, “Franks Bar” and the Zanni world surrounding it."


"The interactive portion of the show is comprised of unique drinking games where the cast engages with the audience."


"We encourage audiences to join us for an official after-party following each performance, with the actors and crew sharing drinks and stories with our guests."

Now, that sounds like a good time. I can understand why it is the longest-running drinking play in Chicago. Well, it is probably the only one. This is the kind of play that will keep me coming back. For more info, HERE.

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