To help improve his game, Mitch Trubisky from the Chicago Bears has hired a quarterback tutor.

I'm a lifelong Chicago Bears fan. I've seen many quarterbacks come and go. Some had potential that they never lived up to and some were just a bad idea. It's been frustrating to watch the team struggle with the most important position on the field. Especially, when division rival, the Green Bay Packers, has had only two for the last several seasons.

There was so much hope when they drafted Mitch Trubisky. They finally got their guy. Well, it hasn't really worked out that way. He's been pretty much a disappointment. This upcoming season is his last chance and there's going to be competition in training camp.

Trubisky isn't taking the situation lightly. He's brought in some help this offseason. Mitch has hired QB guru, Jeff Christianson.

According to,

"There are lots of quarterback tutors out there, but Christiansen seems to have gained a stellar reputation in recent years. Perhaps because three of his pupils were playing in the conference championship games this past January. Ryan Tannehill got there with Tennessee while Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo squared off in the Super Bowl. So it’s safe to say Christiansen might be pretty good at what he does."

I hope it works out for him, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

What do you think?

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