Video games that featured these Chicago Bears as top players.

I'm not much of a gamer, but when I do, I enjoy playing sports-themed games. The ones I like include football, hockey, baseball, and wrestling. If I had to pick one, Techmo Bowl for Nintendo is my favorite.

In every game, some players are better than others. Just like in real life. but in video games, there are some that just dominate. Believe it or not, in some football games there were Chicago Bears that were great.

Here are the players and games according to,

  • Techmo Bowl featuring Water Payton for NES.
  • Madden featuring Devin Hester for multiple gaming systems.
  • NFL Street featuring Brian Urlacher for Arcade.
  • Honorable mention: Mike Singletary and Dennis Gentry in Tecmo Bowl, Charles Tillman in NFL Street, Brad Muster and Neal Anderson in Tecmo Super Bowl, Walter Payton in the original John Madden Football in 1988, and Roberto Garza for being the only Bears’ player to make a cover (he was the cover athlete in the Spanish language version of Madden 2009).

What's your favorite?

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