A lot of talk recently about Joseph Jakubowski and keeping people safe in our area.

Janseville Police Department
Janseville Police Department

In case you haven't heard, Joseph Jakubowski became the subject of a FBI-led search after allegedly stealing weapons from a Janesville gun store. There was also a large letter mailed to President Trump, being described as an anti-religion and anti-government letter that issued threats to schools.

Where he is right now, no one knows. Obviously he is considered a threat and is armed and dangerous. I've been getting e-mails and info about schools on lock down and and local businesses being on high alert.

A lot of people have kids that are home alone for a few hours. Are your kids safe home alone, are they ready for any sort of unpredictable situation?

  • Have a Plan -  What to do in the event of an emergency. Phone numbers, relatives and friends.
  • Fully Stocked First Aid Kit – Everything from band-aids to flashlights.
  • Lock Up The Dangers – Guns, knives, anything dangerous.
  • Check in Hourly - call, text, and have them do the same.
  • Ground Rules - Don't use the stove, limit time online, etc
  • Prevent Boredom - Make sure the kids have things to do, keep them busy so their minds don't wander.
  • Red Cross Courses - Having your kids CPR ready.

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