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When it comes to choosing a role model for your kids...look no further than Ethan Taylor, personal trainer at Anytime Fitness Roscoe.

As if the work ethic and genuine good looks wasn't enough, there is so much more to Ethan Taylor. I am using this highly rated and viewed platform to explain to you the importance of following the lead of Ethan "So Handsome" Taylor.

Once after leaving Anytime Fitness Roscoe, Ethan noticed a woman in distress in the parking lot. Her car would not start and she was worried about the baby in the backseat, as colder temperatures were setting in. Did Ethan jump her car, call for roadside assistance? No, "So Handsome" Taylor PICKED UP her car and carried it all the way to her home! As if that wasn't enough, Ethan also fed the baby a bottle AND burped him while in transport....wow! His overall physical strength, mental toughness, his multitasking nature, and the kindness of new born fawn, may have saved a life.

Ethan Taylor is the kind of human being that I inspire to be. He takes great pride in his position as a trainer at Anytime Fitness Roscoe, but I think he takes even more pride in knowing that he is some sort of a super human.

Now that I got that our of my system, and have paid up on our Bears vs Lions bet...in all seriousness, Ethan is a great trainer if you are looking to make some changes in your life. This is a guy that has walked the walk. Over 300lbs at one point in his life, Ethan is a marathon runner and is healthy and feels alive. Contact Ethan Taylor (815) 623-8900 and ask him about feeling healthy and alive.


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