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Do you "keep it real" in 2020? When it comes to the Christmas tree, are you getting the box out of the basement this year, or do you have a month of stepping on pine needles in your future?

Our tree has been up for a while, and for a fake tree it is the most incredible one I've ever seen. My job was to get it out, put it together, and sit back and watch it become decorated...I can deal with this. I swear everyday there's new ribbon, new ornaments, new lights. Still not seeing my present pile growing though.

So let's say you want to go the "real" tree route this year, where can you go to catch a deal around here? While researching this, I found that Northern Illinois is quite the hotspot for real Christmas Trees. If you are looking to have a Clark Griswold moment with the family, hopefully this list will help you on your journey.

Here are Five Places Around Rockford to Get a Real Christmas Tree:

  • Keith's Christmas Trees - 4325 Favor Rd, Rockton
  • Valley View Farm - 6440 Belvidere Rd, Roscoe
  • Nature's Best Christmas Trees - 13001 IL-76, Poplar Grove
  • William's Tree Farm - 4661 Yale Bridge Rd, Rockton
  • Ambrose Christmas - 6715 N. 2nd Street Loves Park

Be sure that wherever you purchase your real tree, follow the "care" directions. Oh, and if you are asked "do you like what I've done with the tree" the answer is always yes.

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