2020 is not the year I'd wanna find out if I made it on the list of Krampus.

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I've noticed more elves being quarantined this year as opposed to occupying a shelf. Bless you, to the parents that can do that, I love my girls but the elf just isn't for me.

Now this Saturday, December 5th, while you're out there trying to catch one of the five virtual Double T Elf's for Double T on the Shelf beware of Krampus.

For those fans of The Office, horror movies, or even European folklore you may already know who Krampus is. For those that don't, like me try to enlighten you.

Krampus is about as old as St. Nicholas because every good must have evil. Krampusnaught, or Krampus Night, is the night before Saint Nick comes to deliver gifts to the good children.

St. Nicholas comes the night of December 6th so the night before is Krampus's time to shine. And this half-goat, half-demon comes to bring coal or worse to bad children.

This video from a YouTube channel my kids and I are big fans of can also help explain.

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