If you're annoyed by Elf on the Shelf, it's time to check out Santa's Lazy Gnome.

I'm not sure when this whole "Elf on the Shelf" thing started but I'm not a fan. I didn't even know about it until recently. My family has never done it.

If you're not familiar with the Elf, here's the story. He shows up at your house to watch the children for Santa during the month of December to make sure they are behaving.

Each day, the Elf is set-up in a different place and doing a new activity. This becomes serious work for the parents to keep coming up with something creative for the Elf to be doing.

Now, there's an alternative.

According to popsugar.com,

"Between putting up the Christmas lights Clark Griswold style, getting all our holiday shopping done, and making some effort to bring our kiddos to a handful of holiday activities this year, if there's one thing we definitely don't need, it's coming up with a creative setup for the family Elf on the Shelf every damn day. While that sounds a little Scrouge-y, there's another option out there that gives kids the magic of the holiday spirit without causing parents a headache: Santa's Lazy Gnome."

Julie DeForest is the creator of "Santa's Lazy Gnome." She came up with the idea after running out of ideas for her family's Elf.  The Gnome doesn't have to go anywhere. He has magic powers that allow him to see the children everywhere without moving.

It's a much simpler concept. Find the Gnome his spot and he's good for the whole holiday season.

I think that's a little bit better.

Move over Elf, there's a new "Santa's Helper" in town and his name is the Lazy Gnome.


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