A while ago I went to a wedding and had the time of my life! Too much fun for our neighbor's liking anyways.

A dear friend of mine was getting married and I knew the night would be amazing. She is one of the sweetest people I know, and boy can she throw back the drinks! (I was always so impressed with her hangover-less-self the next morning.)

After the wedding and the after hours bar, the bride, myself and a few other guests decided the party should continue.

We went to my hotel room and had one last drink before the night ended.

From what I remember, we returned back to the hotel about 4 in the morning. I may have went to sleep around 5 a.m.? Either way, I didn't expect to see this when I woke up:

Lori, Townsquare Media
Lori, Townsquare Media
Lori, Townsquare Media
Lori, Townsquare Media

The note read:

I realize you were celebrating a beautiful event last night, but I just want to say you are probably the most obnoxious, selfish, rude group of people I've ever had the displeasure of spending the night next to! We are traveling on business and had to get up at 6 a.m. Thanks to your group we've been up since before 4 a.m. If you weren't yelling, cussing, or laughing extremely loudly at each other, someone was slamming the door. I went to the door to ask you to be quiet once and called the front desk twice, only to have you finally be quiet when it's time for us to get up. Thank you so much for one of the worst nights sleep ever! I hope you enjoy your peaceful mornings sleep today.

Sincerely, Your VERY tired neighbor


Oops! I have to point out, who has business to do on Saturday morning? I'm sure I'm ignorant to it?

But seriously, SHARE this if you can because I would love to say I'M SORRY!

First off, yes, my friends can be extremely loud, and although it was her big day and all, we should have had more compassion to others in the building.

Second of all, I wish I would have known that you called the front desk or stopped by our room. I didn't know! (Seriously, had no idea.)

Lastly, thanks for your humor in your note. Although I did turn a bit red when I read it, I liked your subtle humor.

Do you think we can find the person who wrote this?


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