Unable to go see professionals, people are stuck doing their own hair.

I didn't really think about it until recently. All the salons and barber shops are closed. Unless, you have someone in your immediate family that you live with that does hair, you're kind of stuck. You can live with what happens or you can make a rash decision to do it yourself.

I come from the school of thought, if I don't get a chance to get a haircut, I'll just throw on a hat and it's all good. Yeah, you guessed it. I'm not making any fashion statements.

If you can't wait, there's two options. You can try and do it yourself. That's probably safe if you're shaving your head or maybe trimming your bangs. Otherwise, you have to put complete trust in someone else. Are you willing to go to that length? Who fills that roll at home? It could actually come out worse than just growing it out.

It reminds me of back in the day when I was young. Parents didn't want to pay to get their kid's haircut, so the mom would do the honors. That made for a lot of awkward class photos. The top style was the bowl haircut. When the "Caesar" become popular a few years ago, I started to get some bad flashbacks.

If you start to get tempted, just say no. Don't worry, you're not going to be seeing anyone for a while. A bad cut or nasty highlights will take time to grow out.

If you decide to open your own home salon, good luck.

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