It's been talked about before as something you probably shouldn't do for yourself, but some are still trying to do it anyways.

Some are even sharing what can and in a lot of causes will go wrong when trying to become one's own stylist/barber.

I'm no stranger to trimming my girls' bangs if they need it or helping my guy shave the back of his head, but trying my hand a giving someone a full-on haircut no way.

Until now.

Before starting my tale, here's a before their Mom cut their hair photo:

Steph's kids before she cut their hair.

My oldest had been wanting to cut her hair for quite some time and due to "shelter in place" we are unable to make an appointment. Knowing I had the stuff to do so here at home, she asked if I could do something for her. I told we'd start with trimming the ends and maybe thinning it out some with the thinning shears since I by no means knew what I was doing.

We did that and it turned out pretty good, not bad for a first-timer if I do say so myself.

IMG-7068 (1)

So her little sister then wanted me to trim her hair too. She just wanted me to take a little off the ends, but something happened and more was cut than was originally intended. I'm still not sure if I made a mistake in placing my scissors in the wrong spot, she moved, or a combo of both. Either way, she now has a cute bob haircut.


Not to be outdone and then finding out there was no more school attendance for this school year,  the oldest wanted me to take more off of her length.

"It's just hair, it'll grow back, I've had some questionable haircuts growing up too" are all things that pasted through my brain, so why no kid, let's do it.


Shorter than I would've wanted for her, but she loves it and thinks Mom is pretty awesome at this "at-home" stylist thing.

In fact, both girls are pleased with their new looks. I, however, am hanging up my scissors and leaving it to the professionals just as soon as we can.

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