I recently heard some fascinating gossip about Midway Village, (courtesy of my BFF Beth), that I immediately needed to know more about.

Everyone that has lived in the Rockford area for any amount of time knows that Rockford's Midway Village is well known for their WWII reenactments. World War II Days at Midway Village typically takes place in September though, so what my friend Beth saw on the grounds of Midway Village this week is a bit off schedule.

Beth's kids are going to summer camp at Midway Village, and she told me the grounds are currently filled with "old-time jeeps, tents and Army guys". Being the super sleuth that Beth is, she discovered that a new WWII movie is filming at Midway Village right now, and she sent me these photos as proof...

Provided photo
Provided photo


Beth told me this morning the movie is called "Come Out Fighting", (according to her new friend Dave pictured above), and it's about the 761st tank battalion. This whole thing has got me so intrigued, I knew I needed  some "official" proof. (Sorry, Beth).

I reached out to Patrick O'Keefe, Executive Director for Midway Village Museum, and he has not returned my call yet. I can't find any more info on social media either. Is this new movie project so awesome that it has to be kept under wraps for a little while longer? Well, I apologize Midway Village, I suck at keeping secrets.

I almost forgot to tell you the best part, my BFF Beth also told me the camp counselor said "someone famous was there" to film the movie too...but....she didn't know who it was. See why I need to know more?!? I promise I'll pass on all the official info once I finally get my hands on it. Stay tuned!


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