For fun outdoor family activities in Rockford, check out 815 Outside.

What kind of person are you? Do you see a glass half full or half empty. I know sometimes it is difficult to stay positive but I always try to be a glass half full type person. I think it is much easier to look at life in bright light instead of letting it get me down.

Over the past year, my positive philosophy has definitely been tested. So many factors have played a part in trying to keep all of us down. Hopefully, you have family, friends, co-workers, and good people around you for support.

The way we live our everyday lives has changed quite a bit. If you peel back the negative, I believe you can discover some amazing things. We have forced to simplify our lives. We were given the opportunity to try new things. Creativity has been seen all over the place.

One of the things that has really excited me is the return of family time. With many normal events being canceled or postponed, we have been stuck at home. Plus, staying within our household is the safest way to protect our health. Now, instead of always being too busy running around trying to fit in every activity, that time is now spent at home. Plus, the time is with just immediate family.

Of course, the first couple of weeks were used to catch up on all of the movies and television shows. You can only be in front of a screen for so long until you get bored. It was time to find new hobbies.

I was so surprised because all of a sudden I was witnessing families in my neighborhood going for walks, riding bikes, and other outdoor things. It was awesome to see.

Now, it is several months later. Hanging outside is still the healthiest place to spend time. You might be running out of ideas. Especially, as the seasons change. You can always use the great Google machine but sometimes that can take you down wormholes for hours without finding the information you are looking for.

Luckily, we have a resource in the Rockford community to help us out. It is new so you might not know about it yet. It is called 815 Outside. What is it?

According to their website,

"815 Outside is the area’s comprehensive resource for outdoor recreation; inviting residents and visitors of all walks of life to connect with Winnebago County’s natural areas in fun, new ways and develop healthy lifestyle habits." 

"815 Outside was born out of the idea that Winnebago County has almost 20,000 acres of green space between forest preserves, parks and land trust properties, many of which are underutilized."

Please take the time and check out their website, HERE. It is filled with plenty of free events and activities for the whole family.

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