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The 2021 Polar Plunge for Special Olympics of Illinois will look a lot different this year. There will not be hundreds of people gathering at Olsen Lake, instead hundreds of people are encouraged to make their OWN Polar Plunge video!

One thing remains the same, we are raised funds for Special Olympics of Illinois. To donate to the 96.7 The Eagle team, CLICK HERE. Any dollar amount would be much appreciated.

Now our first Polar Plunge video idea got shot down by legal experts, that's a good and bad thing. So for our next idea we enlisted the help of the Polar Plunge Bear, and our friends at Catch the Wave Swim Club in South Beloit.

What happens if the Polar Plunge Bear shows up at 96.7 The Eagle and wants to take our truck for a spin....and kidnaps Double T and Captain Jack in the process? Let me tell you, we picked the perfect "freezin' for a reason" day to go for a ride in the back of a truck! See, even Mother Nature wants you to donate to our team.

Have fun with YOUR video, we look forward to seeing all of them as you "Be Bold and Get Cold," to help out Special Olympics of Illinois.

Kick us down a few buck and we thank you in advance.

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