Maybe I've seen one too many scary movies, but these things seriously creep me out.

Not sure if it's the death stare that many of these dolls have or what but I felt a twinge of cringe while looking at these listings on eBay.


Now the cringe could be coming from an eBay seller who is trying so hard to convince you that these dolls are actually possessed or haunted in order to get you to buy one.

The background stories are so elaborate on some of these dolls, you have to wonder if the seller has seen Annabelle or Chucky movies one too many times.

Like this one on the Haunted Doll Active Spirit EMF COMPANION Christina 12 y.o. Girl Positive Energy eBay listing:

Christina was the name of the 12 year old girl who originally owned the doll. She went for a walk and never came back. Her body was found the following day lying face down in a creek bed 10 miles away from home. Since Christina’s death, the doll she once owned now seems to have been taken over by her spirit.

What in the H E double? This is so nutty, there's a disclaimer at the bottom mentioning "eBay requires me to say that this all for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY."

The Christina doll. Photo credit: eBay

You don't say? Then there's this one, a Haunted Doll Very Active Ghost eBay item:

Meet Allison... She was found in a trunk that was in a Chicago area home. The house was the scene of a horrific double homicide, and has been active with paranormal events ever since.

The Allison doll. Photo credit: eBay

I don't know whether to be mortified or entertained by the total ingenuity to sell what amounts to be just a doll.

Then there's the EVP reader, you know the thing that ghost hunters use to measure paranormal activity? Well, one eBay seller actually has it placed on a few of the dolls for sale to "prove" they're actually haunted.

Hey, if it makes a sale, then who am I to stop them?


Oh by the way the "Allison" doll is going for $150, and "Christina" is currently at $32.

Maybe the Christina is not quite as haunted as the Allison.


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