Can you believe that recycling efforts in Rockford have increased almost 30-percent since last year!?I'm the recycling queen at my house. There have been many times I've seen my husband toss out a plastic item or a cardboard container into the garbage and I cringe. I pick it out, and toss it in the recycling.

woman putting a can into the garbage bin
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While my efforts are appreciated, according to WREX, there are things to remember before you toss something into your recycling bin.

  • Plastic bottles are great to be recycled. Make sure you remove the cap and plastic ring. If they are left on, they can not be recycled properly.
  • Pizza boxes are a big no-no. Any paper product that has left over oil residue should not be recycled. Oil can mix with other materials causing the fibers to not break down properly.
I never knew that about pizza boxes. I can say most definitely that I have been guilty of tossing them into my recycling bin before.

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