Let's keep Rockford clean and maybe make a few bucks.

Soda Cans
Getty Images

National Can Crushing Day, this is a real thing. So Double T gets this great idea to smash some cans. Actually he just wanted to crush them so he can go cash in on the cans.

Recycling not only aluminum cans, but whatever you can to keep Rockford beautiful is important. Here are 5 Places to Recycle in Rockford:

  • Behr Iron and Metal - 1100 Seminary St Rockford
  • Shamrock Recycling - 413 S. Central Ave Rockford
  • Area Salvage and Recyling - 207 Peoples Ave Rockford
  • Keep Northen Illinois Beautiful - 4665 Hydraulic Road Rockford
  • Rock River Disposal - 4002 S. Main Rockford


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