My friends at Decaying Midwest did it again, these pictures are freakin' awesome. Do you know where this is at?

So let's set up the location of these photos. Found in South Beloit, Illinois this bridge was built on the 1890's and finally closed in 1995. Located on Wheeler Ave., the bridge is right around the Illinois and Wisconsin border, and goes over the Turtle Creek. HistoricBridges 

This bridge at one point was going to be repaired and rebuilt, but it was determined that it would financially not be worth it. Over the years the bridge has become a place for the homeless to stay, and of course, a place for kids to drink.

This photo gallery gives a beat up, old, closed, unsafe attractive look. There's some creative graffiti, that's very colorful and loud.

Apparently this was going to be used as a pedestrian only bridge after it was closed to actual traffic:

There have been plans to put in a pedestrian trail system at this bridge's location. Although reusing historic bridges like this for pedestrian use is a great way to create functional landmarks on trail systems, and can also be cost effective, there has been talk of demolishing and replacing the historic bridge with an ugly modern pedestrian bridge. - HistoricBridge

Check out this awesome photo gallery of this closed bridge in South Beloit, IL. If you like what you see, go to DecayingMidwest and kick them down a few bucks for their awesome stuff!

Closed Bridge in South Beloit, IL

Here are some fantastic pictures of a bridge that closed in 1995 in S. Beloit, IL. Located on Wheeler Ave., this bridge goes over Turtle Creek yards away from the Illinois/Wisconsin border. @DecayingMidwest

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