Apparently I've been doing this wrong for awhile now. But with the temperatures continuing to drop you may want to think twice before really bundling your kids up to ride in the car. According to, you should remove that big, puffy winter coat before strapping your children into their car seat. If not, you could be putting them at risk.

You would think all that extra padding in their winter jacket would keep them safer, as it turns out not so much. It may seem like the straps are tight, but the truth is it make them looser.

Confirmed by official crash tests, child dummies that appear to be securely strapped in, have flown out of the car seat when simulated in a 30-mph crash. They say it is best to strap your kids into the car seat AFTER you've removed their jackets. You can then cover your child up with their winter coat after they've been strapped into their car seat. You could also keep extra blankets in the car and use those too.

They also say this advise could apply to adults. Saying you might want to think about removing your winter jacket before buckling up.

Ultimately it's a personal decision to apply this to your own family or not. For example, your child's coat may not be externally bulky or they could already be in a booster seat. Either way from one parent to another, I thought it was too important to not share it with all of you.

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