I'm sure you are going to visit friends and family over the holidays. When you do, don't touch these things in their homes.

The great thing about Christmas time is spending time with friends and family. At some point, you're going to be a guest in someone else's house. Remember to treat their home with respect. That means not acting the same way you would at home and using proper etiquette.

Here's some good advice from apartmenttherapy.com,

Things you should never touch in somebody else's home.

  • Fridge - They will make snacks available, don't help yourself.
  • Thermostat - It's not your place to change the temperature.
  • Computer - People are very touchy, it could cause a situation.
  • Remote - Don't even think about it. Could be the worst violation.
  • Pets - I don't like getting bit by a dog, what about you?
  • Stairs - Never go upstairs or downstairs without an invitation.
  • Bed - Unless you are invited to stay the night.
  • Toiletry items - If you need something, just ask.
  • Toilet paper - It's okay to use but don't switch the direction it comes out.
  • Medicine cabinet - So tempting, but invading their privacy.

Hopefully, these tips will make your holiday visits more enjoyable.

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