Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick is back for his annual, "Rockin' Cheap Trick Christmas Special".

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Rockford ICON, and one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time will be in charge of 96.7 The Eagle on Christmas Day. For the 2nd year in a row, Rick Nielsen will host his "Rockin' Cheap Trick Christmas Special" Christmas Day from 8am-10am (replay 5pm-7pm) on 96.7 The Eagle.

Rick will call the shots. Whatever he wants to play whether it's Christmas music, his own music, it's all up to him!

Now this job CAN be harder than you think, but according to the video below Rick apparently has it all covered. Thank you to Robb Clayton for the AWESOME animated video of what could possibly happen on Christmas Day around here.


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