A man that is high on drugs is on the loose in Machesney Park.

Sometimes when I read news stories, I can't help but think... "What the heck is going on in the world?"

Okay, here is another teaching moment for the children. JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!

According to rockfordscanner.com at 5:40pm on Sunday night,

"Details are minimal right now, but there is a naked man on drugs running around Marquette School in Machesney Park."

I don't think I would like anymore "details."

"Officers are in the area looking for the naked man on drugs."

"It began in the 300 block of Marquette. The man tore up a house and is reported to be on Meth."

"White male, 46 years old 6'3" long brown hair and a scruffy beard."

Not to be confused with other naked men in that area.

"Last seen near Marquette School."

If you see him please offer him some pants.

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