This is a hard story to swallow.


Grilling Sausage

Lawyers will do just about anything to prove their point, even ask a man to show his junk in court.

O.K. get a good grip on this story, it will get hard to follow really quick. Richard Patterson is accused of murdering his girlfriend, when she choked to death. The lawyers want Mr. Patterson to show "Exhibit P" to the court to prove that it is in fact a deadly weapon. Now the  prosecution doesn’t object to the showing of the, "manhood" but the debate is this. He needs to be at full attention to prove the point. This is real, I swear.

Ready for lawyer speak, here are quotes about how you go about getting a man to whip it out in court:

Do we do it in the back? Do we do it in open court? How is the defendant going to be erect when the jury views it? Because a flaccid penis, whether it be a picture or the jury actually seeing it, is completely irrelevant. It needs to be erect. - Assistant State attorney Peter Sapak

If Richard Patterson is convicted he could be sentenced to life in prison.





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