It was a beautiful day Sunday so I decided to was my car.


Now I don't want to claim that I'm some sort of car washing expert, but I did work at one in high school.

When it comes to the self serve car wash bays as they are called, I can knock it out in about 5-6 minutes and do a damn good job. I like doing it myself, to make sure my car is exactly how I want it.

So Sunday I am at a car wash in Roscoe. It was a very sunny and windy day, perfect to get some on that road grime off and have that spot-free rinse blow right off the car on the way home.

As I am going through the steps, a lady pulls in behind and is patiently waiting her turn and vacuuming her car. With the high winds, occasionally the soap spray would fly out of the bay and land on her car. I mean you're at a car wash, that's cool right?

As I am doing my thing, the woman walks towards be and tells me to stop purposely spraying her car. Obviously I'm not, so I smile and say "It is pretty windy". She was not amused and was dead serious. After a heated and soapy conversation, I was informed that I owed her $5 to play for her car wash because I got her car "all soapy", at a car wash, where she was about to wash it.

I politely declined, politely told her to walk away, and gave her a super serious smile. The women was gracious enough to flip me the bird as I left.

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