Outside a terminal at O'Hare Airport on Valentine's Day, a woman had a baby in her car.

My daughter just turned 19 a couple of weeks ago. Every year on her birthday, I go back and think about the day she was born.

It was a Monday night and I was watching WWE Wrestling Monday Night Raw in our basement family room. My wife came down and told me her water broke. It was close to her due date. After running around the house like chickens with their heads cut off, we finally got everything together and headed to the hospital.

When things were settled down, my wife and newborn daughter fell asleep. A nurse suggested that I go home to get a little rest. During the couple of hours of sleep, we got a bunch of snow. I did not have a snowblower so it took me a long time to dig myself out and head back to see my family.

I could only imagine if my wife had our daughter a day later. We might not have been able to reach the hospital in time for the delivery. Luckily, it did not happen that way. Our daughter was born so close to Valentine's Day, we kind of consider her a Valentine's baby.

Here is a Valentine's baby from our most recent one this past weekend that will have a very interesting birth story to share for years to come.

According to chicago.suntimes.com,

"A woman made an unexpected delivery on Valentine’s Day outside O’Hare International Airport. They tried to find a hospital but got lost. The officer called for paramedics, but the baby was already crowning and there was no time to take the passenger to a hospital."

Childbirth is already an intense process without any other outside stress. I feel bad for the mother but luckily everything worked out in the end.

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