When I left my house for the Chicago Bear's game on Sunday morning, I knew it was going to be an exciting day, but I didn't realize how interesting it would actually become.

I've been going to Chicago Bear's games since I was a kid. My Dad became a season ticket holder in 1982.

When I left for this particular game, I didn't think it would be anything out of the ordinary. I was excited because they were playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and they don't come to Chicago very often.

Through the years, I witnessed all kinds of Bear's history like Walter Payton breaking the all-time rushing record. I was there when they won the NFC Championship to go to the Super Bowl, twice. I watched Hall of Fame players in their last game. I even attended the Fog Bowl.

Little did I know, I would once again be part of a historical day.

There were rumors floating around Social Media, sports talk radio, and throughout the tailgate parties. Something big was going to happen that day. The National Anthem protests were going to the next level. Apparently, the Steelers were going to stay in the locker room during the performance.

The pregame ceremonies began. The giant American Flag was opened on the field. The Chicago Bears came out unannounced and headed to their sideline. That was strange because they always announce the team's entrance. Nobody came out for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Later I did learn one Steeler's player came out and stood at the edge of the tunnel.

The National Anthem was performed. The Bear's players, coaches, and staff locked arm and arm. Pittsburgh's sideline was pretty much empty besides a couple of coaches and staff members.

A normal part of the opening festivities suddenly becomes a moment of history.

Now I've been to some really bad games played by some awful teams, but I've never seen or heard anger like that at Soldier Field.

The Fans were outraged. People were yelling, screaming, swearing, and chanting at the team. The Green Bay Packers and their fans get better treatment. I was really worried about a huge fight breaking out.

Anyone wearing Pittsburgh gear was harassed. It didn't just happen after the National Anthem incident. It continued all game. Even on the way out. If I didn't know the outcome, I would have thought the Steelers cheated to win the game. That's how bad it got. It's just a small example of how divided the United States is right now. It was a frightening situation.

A major statement was made by the players on Sunday at Soldier Field and across the league. They've taken the National Anthem protest to the next level. The country is paying attention. Here is your opportunity to make a difference.

My question is... "What's next?"

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