During the Chicago Blackhawks National Anthem, be on television cheering for the team.

I really enjoy going to live sporting events. It is a hobby of mine. I will go check out the Rockford East High School E-Rabs playing football and basketball. My daughter is going to Rockford University now, so I will start going to their games. My family is season ticket holders for the Chicago Bears. I also try to catch at least one game a year from the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago White. If I get a chance, I will also support Illinois State University because that is where I went to school. I can not forget about the IceHogs. To be honest, I will pretty much hang out at any live games.

That is something I have missed a lot. Going to live games with friends and family. Hopefully, at some point later this year fans will be allowed back in the stadiums. Do not get me wrong. I am thrilled to have them back where I can at least watch it on television. Those few weeks without sports were horrible.

It goes beyond the actual game itself. I believe it is the whole experience. Hanging with other fans. The pre-game tailgate. Putting on the gear. The food and beverages. Of course, the history too. Every team in the world has some kind of tradition. I feel the ones in Chicago are extra special.

Who can forget the Chicago Bulls intro? I remember making sure we got to the game early so we did not miss it. Being there live to see it felt magical. Check it out for yourself. For example...

Video: Chicago Bulls Team Intro.

The Chicago Cubs have the 7th Innings Stretch and the singing of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." During the bad years, it was the highlight of the game.

Video: Chicago Cubs "Take Me Out To The Ball Game."

If you go to Soldier Field for a Chicago Bears game, every time the team scores, the whole stadium sings "Bear Down Chicago Bears."

Video: "Bear Down Chicago Bears."

Those are all great but there is one that stands out above the rest. That is the singing of the National Anthem at a Chicago Blackhawks game. The fans cheer so loud during the singing, it is hard to hear the performer. If you are going to miss this part of the game, you might as well not show up.

Video: Chicago Blackhawks National Anthem

It is a shame that the fans and players are missing out on these special moments. Hopefully, it will come back sometime soon. Until then, teams are using unique ways to get their supporters personally involved. The Blackhawks are including their National Anthem tradition.

According to the Chicago Blackhawks website,

"The National Anthem at a Blackhawks game just isn't complete without you! Throw on your Blackhawks sweater, grab any family and friends you live with, and record yourselves cheering like you are back in the arena getting ready for puck drop. Upload a video and you could be featured in an upcoming broadcast and on the Blackhawks' social media channels!"

I was watching their game a couple of nights ago and it was really cool. It is a fun opportunity for fans.

Check it out for yourself.

Video: The Anthem | Chicago Blackhawks

If you end up getting on, please let us know. I would love to see someone from the Rockford area on there.

For more info, HERE.

Video: Rocky Wirtz Owner of Chicago Blackhawks Discusses His New Book, "The Breakaway"

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