On the bottom of a popular lake in Wisconsin, scuba divers discovered the oldest boat in state history.

Scuba Diving Is A Popular Hobby

Going scuba diving is on my bucket list of activities to try out someday down the road. It is strange because I have never really had the opportunity. I love swimming, the water, and exploring so I think I would enjoy doing it. I know quite a few people that have done it and just fell in love with diving.


Discover Amazing Things Under Water

Besides the feeling of freedom under the water, you can also discover some amazing things like sunken ships and buried treasure.


Scuba diving is not something you have to do in the ocean. There are plenty of lakes in Wisconsin that are incredible spots to check out. Recently, some divers found an interesting item.


Wisconsin's Oldest Boat Was Found On Bottom Of Popular Lake

According to kenoshanews.com,

"It was a beautiful Saturday morning in June and the duo, who work at Divisions Scuba, debated whether they had just seen a log sticking out of the bottom of the 9,781-acre lake or something extremely rare."


"After a bit of investigation, it turns out that Thomsen, who is also a maritime archeologist for the Wisconsin Historical Society, was right in assuming it was more than just a log; it was a dugout canoe."


"A few weeks later, carbon-14 dating showed that the 15-foot-long vessel was an estimated 1,200 years old, the oldest intact boat ever found in Wisconsin waters."

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