There is now a place in Wisconsin that will give you the complete boating experience without having the responsibility of owning one hanging over your head.

Lidian Neeleman, ThinkStock
Lidian Neeleman, ThinkStock

Wisconsin Is A Top-Rated State For Outdoor Activities

When it comes to outdoor activities, Wisconsin is one of the top destinations in the Midwest. So much so, that thousands of residents from Illinois head up to Wisconsin each summer to participate. Some will even do it every weekend.


Many Residents From Wisconsin And Illinois Would Love To Own A Boat

One of the more popular things to do in Wisconsin is boating. There are so many great lakes and bodies of water to put a boat in and just take off for the day.

A big pontoon boat anchored in the river with fishing poles and the canopy up.

Many of the residents from Illinois and Wisconsin would love to buy their own boat but unfortunately, it is not easy. Besides, the cost of purchasing one, there are also a lot of responsibilities.

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Enjoy A Boat Without Actually Owning One

I've got a couple of friends who own a boat and they take me out all the time but it's just not the same. That also goes with renting one. That's a good option but your time is limited.

Rock River
Rock River

What if you could have the feeling of owning a boat without all the responsibilities but with all of the fun. That is an option in Wisconsin with a new boat club opening in Racine called "The Freedom Boat Club."

Power Trip via unsplash
Power Trip via Unsplash

What Is The Freedom Boat Club?

With your membership in the club, you get all the fun of owning a boat without all the work.

According to,

"We’ve taken care to select a variety of quality boats."


"And we always keep them clean and maintained."


We also take care of the storage, insurance, and repairs."

If you want to get into the "boat" world, this sounds like a good opportunity. If you want more info, HERE.

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