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It's fine, everything's fine...nothing to see here.

Here's something you don't see everyday, or, ever...A boat just sitting in the road, Forest Hills and Windsor on Sunday. I just keep thinking, c'mom we can do better than this. I let a gum wrapper on accident, fly out the window and it drives me crazy. I lose my car keys and I'm cursing up a storm. So how does someone let a boat go or even lose it?

No one around, no truck with an empty trailer, no pirates seen walking to Windsor Pizza for a bite to eat....What in the world is going on here? There are so many thoughts rolling through my head, on how this boat ended up in the road. I thought the best plan of action would be to get your opinion, so YOU are the Captain. See what I did there?

So I ask you the question, How did a boat end up in the road, Forest Hills and Windsor???

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