Bucket of chicken thrown after Wisconsin gets food rage.

At some point, everybody loses their temper. It could be simple anger or all out rage. When a person blows up like a volcano, you don't know what their reaction will be. Sometimes service at a fast-food restaurant can cause it. Here's an example of food rage.

From tmj4.com,

"We've all heard of, and possibly experienced, road rage, but what about wrong-order rage? You know, it's when a fast food restaurant puts cheese on a burger you specifically requested without it, or they give you fries instead of cheese curds. Well, a Waukesha KFC location saw a case of it that sent food flying through the air, literally. According to Waukesha police reports, a woman entered a KFC and said she wanted a refund. Employees told the woman that they would remake her food, but she was not happy with that response and instead began throwing chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuits at the back of the manager's head."

I would say it's safe to say she got "Hulk" mad.

Here's a video of the incident from TMJ4 News Facebook page...

I'm so glad I never worked fast food.

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