How not to get arrested IN FRONT OF YOUR KIDS...Do what this Wisconsin woman did and take off all your clothes! On second thought, just don't...ever. SanDeigoUnion

This Sheboygan, Wi woman had the best idea ever. As cops surrounded her home, and questioned her at her front door about the stolen items, she had that cartoon lightbulb go off above her head...If I strip down to my undies, there's NO WAY they will arrest me! This was NOT a good idea what so ever.

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Julia E. Laack received a visit from law enforcement at her home, because she stole some stuff from a convenience store. She was accused of stealing a bag of beef jerky and a lighter. No really, that's it. Not like a car, or jewelry or a baby or something...a bag of jerky and a lighter.

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At first when officers approached the front door, Julia refused to speak to them...she wouldn't even come to the door. She was yelling, and cursing, and screaming at the cops to leave. Officers entered to home to confront the jerky thief and her kids got an earful and an eyeful.

Arrested man in handcuffs with handcuffed hands behind back

Julia had this GREAT idea, if I take off all of my clothes, they CAN'T arrest me! So she got down to her underwear. That will teach these coppers! She was then arrested on the spot for:

  • felony battery of a peace officer
  • resisting an officer
  • shoplifting
  • two counts of disorderly conduct

Not sure which episode of Springer she learned that one from, but it didn't work.

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