October is all about the spooky and scary, but here's one that takes the cake...and pukes it back up. Here's a cable suspension bridge in Wisconsin that will have you puking your guts out...good luck! ONLYSTATE

Up in Marathon, Wisconsin you will find something that is pretty rare these days, a cable suspended walking bridge, high above water. This bridge above Rib River has been there for decades and it screams out "nothin' but a good time..." and then you toss cookies. Seriously how would one walk this WITHOUT looking down and WITHOUT puking?


The article doesn't share a whole lot more about this bridge, only that it was used by Marathon City Brewery and that place went under in 1966, so this suspended bridge has been there ever since...just swinging in the wind. Would you do this, could you do this? I don't really have "too much" of a fear of heights, but this is just crazy!



According to the person that did the filming of this video Studio1087 the bridge was built in the 1940's, and he played on it as a kid! Wait, played? That ranks up there with Lawn Jarts and playing Whiffle Ball in the street...totally unsafe, yikes!


Regardless, this thing still stands in Central, Wisconsin and this video gives you a great layout of the area that surrounds the bridge. It's a long way down folks, that's reason #236 I'm not doing this. Check this out:

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