After seeing this and knowing that Emily Anderson, the Loves Park woman who disappeared on Father's Day, has been missing for over three weeks, a lot of women have to be asking themselves, "what on earth is going on here?"

How and why is sex trafficking becoming so prominent in our area? It's everywhere. Just a few days ago CBS Chicago shared a story about an Illinois teen who had been rescued from human sex traffickers in Houston. How did she get there? She was lured there through social media; which sounds a lot like another local teen, Alyssa Waldsmith's, story.

Thankfully, Alyssa and this other teen have returned home, but there are hundreds, if not thousands of other women out there that are still missing and there's a possibility that they've been lured into human sex trafficking.

Haley Oscar, the woman speaking out about her scary encounter, has given us some great insight as to what to listen and look for when approached by someone who may be a human trafficker:

  • What's your financial status?
  • Do you have people who love you?
  • Where do you live?
  • Why are you alone?
  • Do you like pain?
  • What are you into, sexually?

Obviously, there is no good reason a complete stranger should be asking you these questions.

If you ever encounter anything like this, please don't be afraid to contact your local authorities and never hesitate to share your experience online, as so many women have been doing over the last few weeks.

Let's keep the women and children of the Rockford area safe.

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