Those annoying little things are back for some summer biting.


Just this past weekend I realized that summer in the Rockford area was back. Those damn mosquitoes were trying to eat me alive!

The warmer weather, the rain and Midwest moisture, and the simple fact that I am just as sweet as they come...mosquito bites.

So I thought I would try to share some tips for not becoming a meal to these annoying winged creatures.

  • Yes, Blow Them Away - Find a breezy spot to hangout, outdoors. As little as a 1mph wind can stop them from flight. Fans work as well.
  • No, to Citronella candles and coils - Apparently these are a waste of money. Try Mosquito repelling plants for the backyard.
  • No, to firing up your metabolic rate. Now this sucks, spicy foods and booze will produce CO2 in your system, and they love that.
  • Yes, to athletic clothing - the "tightly woven clothes" makes it hard for them to get through.
  • No, to ultrasonic devices - All of these devices and apps don't work.
  • Yes, to light colored clothes - Mosquitos fly very close to the ground, and tend to find targets by looking for things that contrast the dark colors of the horizon. So wear light colored clothng.






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