A Wisconsin teen's body was discovered in a vehicle, days after the SUV was towed. WEAREGB

The body of a 17-year-old male was discovered in an SUV, four days after it was towed from a crash scene.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin officers were called to the parking lot where the towed vehicle was sitting, and they found the body on this teenager on the floor of the SUV in the back.

The specific SUV was reported stolen last week, and then the vehicle was found at a crash site. The SUV suffered damage when it ran into a tree. There was a 16-year-old boy that was arrested and taken into custody, that was driving the stolen SUV.

As bizarre as this story is, it's about to get weirder. This is the THIRD TIME since 2018 that city personnel have left a person in a vehicle that was towed. Three times, a person was discovered in a vehicle, and was not noticed by the person doing to towing. That is so weird!

Back in January of 2018, an 8-year-old was found the FOLLOWING DAY inside a vehicle, alive, freezing, and crying. Her mother was arrested during a traffic violation and the little girl spent the night INSIDE THE CAR at a tow lot. This story resulted in a lawsuit, and the family eventually won a $50,000 settlement.

Another story has authorities finding the body of a 21-year-old in a car, the vehicle was involved in a fiery crash and the body remained inside.

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