A Wisconsin woman walking in front of a Family Dollar store, was arrested for drug possession. She had just a "tad" more than a dollars worth. Fox6Now

Wisconsin officers obviously had their eyes on this person for quite a while, with people and drugs coming in and out of her residence in Kenosha, Wi. But where would they find this individual? Maybe she would be hiding out in the bathroom, maybe in the garage, maybe under a bed? Nope, nope and nope. Where they found this woman they were looking for, it's pretty great...and cheap.

The KDOG, Kenosha Drug Operations Group executed a knock-and-announce search warrant, but before they did this they noticed Laura Luetkens walking in front of a Family Dollar store...That was the person they were about to "knock-and-announce" on. Apparently she needed a greeting card and a fly swatter? Maybe a time bag or crackers or something.

Once arrested, the Kenosha officers made their way to Laura's location. In her home, officers found:

  • 34.9 grams of cocaine
  • Six grams of fentanyl
  • 11.9 grams of THC
Handcuffs and cocaine on black background.

This arrest came with several charges, including:

  • Possession with intent to deliver fentanyl
  • Possession with intent to deliver cocaine
  • Possession with intent to deliver marijuana
  • Maintaining a drug trafficking place
  • Two counts of felony bail jumping

What a day at Family Dollar.

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