Well this is one of those stories that goes from weird, to weirder to...what the heck! LakeGeneva

Jonelle S. Hill set off a fire alarm, at a parking ramp in Wisconsin. There's video of this, she did it...hands down, guilty as charged. But why, this is where things get weirder.


Jonelle S. Hill was also arrested for lewd/lascivious behavior...Umm, what? It turns out that when the firefighters responded to the fire alarm being pulled, they found Jonelle and her boyfriend, having sex in the stairwell of the parking garage, between the 3rd and 4th floor. Imagine the surprise on the firefighters faces as they go in to potentially "rescue" people from a fire, and they see...that.


Police arrived and the couple were told to stop, eww...and put their clothes back on so they could be interviewed.

So you pull a fire alarm in a parking garage, so you can have sex in the parking garage's stairwell? That is either some crazy dedication, or just a whole lotta crazy. In a stairwell of a parking garage, seriously?

Also, Hill had a felony bond out of her, so she was arrested on the spot.

Thomas-john Veilleux
Thomas-john Veilleux

You can call this a "hot" night, that was a failed attempt at being "dangerous," but it just ended up being a pain in the ass for the fire department, and all that had to arrive at the scene.

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