Spelling is hard, even for the most articulate folks. What is the most missspelled word in the state of Illinois. No, it's not misspelled. ATTExperts 

I was watching the "Scripps National Spelling Bee" one night last week. Boy, did those kids know their stuff. I would try to play along, but I think out of 10 or 12 words I only got 2 right. Hell, I spell stuff wrong writing these articles all the time!

Here are some interesting things about things getting spelled wrong across the country. Then we will get to Illinois.

  • "Quarantine" was the most searched misspelled word, with 12 states struggling to find the correct spelling.
  •  "Which," "every," and "believe," accounted for 11 states looking online how to spell these words. 
  • Residents of Washington, DC looked up how many "C's" were in succeed. 

O.K., here are some misspelled words state by state. Some I can understand. There are those words that take a little extra sit and think time for sure.

  • Alabama - Which
  • Delaware - Government
  • Florida - Pharaoh
  • Hawaii - Every 
  • Kentucky - Favorite 
  • New Hampshire - Definitely
  • North Carolina - Exercise 

O.K., so what about Illinois. This was a "popular" word for a few years, and hopefully it is behind us. The word Illinois has the hardest time spelling..."Coronavirus." I can remember right away when all that stuff began, thinking the beer and virus...It just kinda stuck...and then stuck around, way too long.

Oh by the way, our neighbors to the north can't spell "Quarantine."

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