This story is super bizarre, and some would say it smells good. Kidding.

A Chicago woman is suing her doctor after having nose surgery. Now, the surgery was fine and the patient recovered just fine. BUT, the doctor apparently thought some before and after pictures were needed. Which is totally fine, IF you get permission. (He didn't) Also, how he labeled them...whoa. SG

Here is how he labeled the photo's, seriously:

“Pre-operative view of a cocaine injured nose with collapse of the nasal lining.”

Whoa doc, what the hell! You thought the patient would be cool with that? You can link to the pics on Dr. Robert Walton's website by clicking on COCAINE NOSE.

Permission was never granted to use the pictures, and then what he wrote...holy lawsuit Batman! Now the original site/pics have been taken down but nothing ever really leaves the internet...So CLICK HERE to check out the pics.

Zxc, Wikimedia Commons
Zxc, Wikimedia Commons

At what point did the doctor think, ah what the hell...she should be cool with this. I already charged her $100,000 for surgery, now I'll post pics of her coke nose!

Young guy picks his nose and holds cell phone isolated

Sabrina Kropp, 55 claims that the photo's caused her great harm. They also caused her distress, shame, and embarrassment. Geez, what a shady move by the doctor for sure. You put your trust in a doctor and he exploits you do show off his work and tells the world you are on the booger sugar. Lame.

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