Hey you know what would be funny?? I'm gonna put a drug meant to sedate cattle in my stepdad's energy drink! This kid should get his ass whooped, but it's 2021 so I'm sure he'll get his TikTok taken away or something...

From our friends at Smoking Gun Tyler Rabenhorst-Malone, 17 shot up his step-dads energy drink with "cattle tranquilizer". The kid wasn't intending to hurt the step-dad (cough, cough) he just thought it would me funny to watch him stumble around.
I mean seriously, this stuff is meant to slow down a 1000 plus pound animal...What do you think would happen, junior?

Doctors blamed the mans odd behavior of lack of sleep, stress, and pounding energy drinks...But when the man fell prey to the "cattle tranquilizer" prank again, the doctors look deeper. Wait, again...So this dumb kid tried this twice? Good God man, stepdad is lucky to be alive!

After running tests at the Wisconsin State Crime Lab, Xylazine was found in the step-dads energy drink which is for the sedation of farm animals. The kid was arrested, and should go back to ignoring the world with video games.

This kid is no stranger to trouble. He was expelled from high school for hacking into the school's email system...O.K. now that is pretty funny, I can take that one as a good joke.

This kid needs to have someone slow him down a little, not slow like stepdad slow...But you know what I mean. Get on Snapchat and hide in your room like other kids, please and thank you.

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