We are less than a month away from Betty White's 100th birthday and there's a big party planned. 

Betty White is a world treasure.

You and I both know how scared we get anytime we see her name trending on social media. Remember when Facebook had the trending stories on the right hand part of the screen? Seeing Betty's name there was stressful!

Thankfully she's made it this far and we can all hope she makes it to her 100th birthday which is coming up on January 17.

Betty is from Oak Park, which is about an hour and a half or so from Rockford and while there will be plenty of celebrations out there, there will also be a celebration right here in the Stateline.

Because, Betty is heading to movie theaters. She announced on Instagram that Betty White: 100 Years Young - A Birthday Celebration will be in theaters on her birthday for us all to enjoy.

The show will only be available on Monday, January 17 (her brithday), but we do have a few times and locations we can catch it in our area. 

AMC Rockford 16, Regal Showplace 16 in Crystal Lake and Emagine Geneva Lakes in Lake Geneva will all be showing the movie at 1 pm and 7pm.

Tickets are $12.50 and you can grab them at Fathom Events. 

The run time is an hour and 40 minutes, in case you need that info to time out your day.

And if you want even more Betty White, make sure to join me on Good Day Stateline the entire week leading up to her birthday as we celebrate our favorite Golden Girl. You can catch GDS weeknights at 5:30 and 11pm on FOX39.

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