Big news up in Wisconsin, as a federal judge as blocked a school district from forcing a transgender student from using a locker room/bathroom that is the sex that child was assigned at birth. WeAreGreenBay

Let me start this by saying, no personal opinions are being attached to this, I'm just sharing a very interesting story in the year 2023.

Mukwonago Area School District has been ordered by a federal judge, to allow a transgender student to use the locker room and bathroom that they currently identify as...not the sex that was assigned at birth.

An 11-year-old transgender student and her mother filed a lawsuit, to allow student that was a boy at birth, who now identifies as a girl, to use the female bathrooms and locker rooms. Not allowing this student to do so has caused "emotional and mental harm" to the student. This student has identified as female since to age of three.

School officials monitored this student, to see which bathroom the student used. They forced this student to use the boys bathroom or a "gender-neutral bathroom" that was available at Mukwonago High School.

There was another lawsuit and case back in 2017 in Kenosha, Wisconsin similar to this one. In which a judge ruled that the Kenosha school could not block a transgender student from using bathrooms the bathrooms that matched what they identified as.


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