There was a Bobcat in my backyard on Sunday morning, can I legally trap it in the state of Illinois? DNRILLINOIS 

First off let me start by saying, hell no...I am NOT going to try to trap this thing. But if I wanted to, I legally can in Illinois.

So here's the story...The wife and I are out in the backyard on Sunday morning. The dog is out doing her thing, we are soaking up some heat and sun and just enjoying the start to our day. I get ready to go back inside when I hear my wife say "here kitty kitty..." I turn and look out towards the deep wooded area of our backyard and my first thought was, that cat has the biggest head I've ever seen! Then I watched the "kitty" turn to the left stepping out of the thick grass, out from the wooded area and OMG that is not a normal cat! Pointy ears, large head, large body and WAY bigger than a "cat."

I was reading Riley's blog (1440 WROK) about how Bobcat's are out and about in Illinois now, at higher numbers, and thought oh yah...I saw one. Check out his article here...

So can you attempt to trap one if you see one in Illinois? The answer is YES, but you do need a permit, and the proper paperwork to do so in our state. CLICK HERE

Bobcat Registration Permit:If you harvest a bobcat, you must purchase a $5 bobcat registration permit online only within 48 hours.

I think I'll just call someone for help. Stay away, kitty kitty.


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